March 26, 2023

Youngest IAS Officer

Ansar Ahmed Sheikh

Ansar Sheikh became an IAS officer at a very young age. he clear the UPSC exam at an age of 21! He is a son of an auto-rickshaw driver. He beat many odds to achieve this goal. He had a lot of struggle to achieve this feat. Youngest IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh grew up in the Marathwada region, Maharashtra, India. He had an unstable family, So his struggles for a better life started in childhood . His father, Yonus Shaikh Ahmad was an autorickshaw chauffeur. His father was a alcohol addict and get married thrice. Yonus’s second wife was Ansar’s mother, who worked on a farm.

Who became IAS at the age of 21?

Ansar Shaikh cleared UPSC exam at the age of 21, in 2016. He cleared in his first attempt and got an All-India Rank to become the youngest IAS officer in India. He is currently a living inspiration for many aspirants preparing for the UPSC examination.Spending his preparation phase, Ansar went for the Civil services exam. He got surprisingly 199 out of 275 as his result.

Saying about past, Ansar was grown seeing domestic violence and child marriages in his family. His sisters were married at the age of about 15, and his younger brother discontinued  his school in class seventh. He then started working in a garage to fulfil family needs and helping Ansar to prepare for UPSC.

Some Other Youngest IAS Officers

Some of young IAS officers in India – aspirants who made their mark at a  very young age.

Name Age when cleared Year State Rank
Ansar Ahmed Sheikh 21 2016 Maharashtra 361
Gaurav Goyal 22 2006 Rajasthan 10
Amrutesh Aurangabadkar 22 2011 Maharashtra 10
Roman Saini 22 2013 Rajasthan 18
Tina Dabi 22 2015 Delhi 1
Gaurav Goyal

Gaurav Goyal cleared his UPSC exam in his first attempt at the age of 22 in 2006.  He set a perfect example for youngsters, that you can clear IAS exam in first attempt. It is only possible if you work smart and hard. He was posted as contractor in Barmer district of Rajasthan. He won many prizes for his work there, also he was recently awarded by Prime Minister of India.

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

Amrutesh cleared his UPSC exam at a young age of 22 in year 2011. He ranked 10th in All over Rank and stood first in Maharashtra. He made up his mind in twelfth class but actually started his preparation in his last year of graduation. He was a youngster from Pune, he maintains he expected to clear the UPSC exam but never expected such a high rank! He started his preparation under the guidance of his elder sister, Chinmaya Aurangabadkar.

Roman Saini

A name is very familiar to IAS aspirants is Roman Saini. Roman became an IAS topper with AIR 18 in his very first attempt. Later he left the job and joined his friend to launch a platform to study online. He is a young achiever. He cleared AIMS admission exam at a young age of 16. 

Tina Dabi

Tina Dabi became an IAS Office at the age of 22. She got the prestigious all India rank 1 in her first attempt. Her success is due to her hard work and her dedication towards her plans. Both her parents have cleared IES exam (Indian Engineering services) before. She scored 1063 marks out of 2025.

S Sushree

Sushree cleared her UPSC exam in her first attempt and got 151st rank. She is a native of Kollam in Kerala  and she became the youngest person to clear the IAS exam in 2017. Only 23 years of age, Susree cleared the exam right in her maiden attempt and without any formal coaching. She is a daughter of a former CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel.

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