March 21, 2023

wordle: Explainer: What is Wordle, the latest viral game on the internet

Explainer What is Wordle the latest viral game on the internet

Amidst the pandemic, a new online game has taken the fancy of netizens. It does not look complex at first glance, though it could be at first try. We are talking about Wordle, a word-based game that has gone viral on the internet, in which you have to correctly guess a pre-selected word by making random word guesses and taking help of the hints.

How to find Wordle online?

Just type in ‘wordle’ as a search query on the search engine you use and its website will appear. You don’t need to download the game.

How to play Wordle?

You’ll see a 5 x 6 grid in which you have to enter a random, guessed word, starting from the top row. As you will be able to see, the game allows you to enter six five letter words, the first five of which are used to determine the sixth, the sixth being the quiz word (the correct answer) you have to deduce. So, first you enter a random word in the first row and look for the colour of the five boxes the letters are in. If a certain box goes green, that means that letter is a part of the quiz word and is in the correct place, if it turns yellow, then it means that the letter is part of the quiz word but not in the correct place, if it turns grey, then it means the letter is not a part of the quiz word at all. If you get really good at the game, you can guess the correct answer (the quiz word) early on, without having to guess all the first five words.

Why Wordle is taking the internet by storm?

There are several reasons. First, it is easy to access from any device. Secondly, it allows you to share your scores also through social media, thus giving you a chance to showcase how good you can be at the game. Moreover, there is just one puzzle after which there is a break for a few hours; you cannot play non-stop, so people approach the word game more carefully.

Who invented Wordle?

Wordle is the invention of software engineer Josh Wardle, who originally developed the word game for his partner who is a word game-lover.


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