March 30, 2023

WhatsApp is adding this mobile feature to desktop app

WhatsApp is adding this mobile feature to desktop app

Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly planning to bring a new security feature for its desktop and web users. According to a report by WaBetaInfo, the instant chat platform may bring two-step verification on the web/desktop.

For those unaware, two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your WhatsApp account. The two-step verification PIN is different from the 6-digit registration code you receive via SMS or phone call. It is required when you login to your WhatsApp account and is primarily aimed to prevent unauthorized access. When you enable two-step verification, you have the option to enter your email address. This allows WhatsApp to email you a reset link in case you ever forget your PIN, and also helps safeguard your account.

It is currently available on WhatsApp mobile app. The WaBetaInfo report says that WhatsApp is planning to bring this feature for web/desktop clients as well. They will be able to enable and disable two-step verification from their laptops.

The feature will come handy in case a user loses his phone or does not remember the two-step verification PIN. They will be able to restore it by requesting a reset link. The new feature is expected to be rolled out to web and desktop users with a future update.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is reportedly testing the ability to import chat from Android to iOS running phones. The company has already rolled out the feature to migrate chat history from iOS to Samsung and Pixel phones last year. WhatsApp features tracker WaBetaInfo has spotted the feature on the WhatsApp beta for Android It will allow users to transfer their chats from an Android device to the one running on iOS.


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