February 5, 2023

Village Society And Development (Lekhpal)

To prepare for any competitive examination, it always better to have the best study materials to start the preparation. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Examination and Syllabus of it. You will get the. To get the Pdf and to get the complete information about the preparation of this examination, check the complete article below. I have shared all the details about this.


Village Society and Development Syllabus :

This portion of the Village Society and Development covers 30% of the syllabus in the Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Examination. All the candidates who want to prepare for the examination, they must know the topics that one has to cover in the Village Society and development. Here I will share with you the Complete Before that, we will see the complete syllabus of the examination that is mandatory to prepare to score goods marks.
The Selection of the candidate as Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal will be done based on the Written Examination and there is no Interview or any other phase to clear. The selection is purely based on the written examination. Prepare better for the written examination.
A candidate will need to prepare the four subjects for the Written Examination. Here are the subjects that you have to prepare:
• Village Society and development
• General Hindi
• General Knowledge
• Mathematics
These are the subjects that one has to prepare for the Written Examination of the Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal. let’s see the complete details and topics of each subject:


Village Society and Development ( UPPSC) :

In this particular section, you will need to prepare the complete topics of the Village Society and Development, etc. You will have to learn about the basic needs of the Villagers and their common issue etc. The Work of the Lekhpal is just to maintain the records of Land and some other works related to this but the Lekhpal usually gets involved in the maximum work of the Village.
Here, I am sharing with you where you can learn all the things about this and can prepare better for the examination through this.

General Hindi:

अलंकार, समास, विलोम, पर्यायवाची, रस, संधियां, तद्भव तत्सम, लोकोक्तियाँ, मुहावरे, वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द, अनेकार्थी शब्द वाक्य, संशोधन –लिंग, वचन, कारक, काल, वर्तनी, त्रुटि से सम्बंधित etc.


General Knowledge:

Latest Current Affairs, Indian Constitution, Indian History, Indian Economy, Indian Geography, Indian Politics, Religions, Books & Authors, Sports, Awards, etc


Number System, Percentage, Profit Loss, Statistics, Classification of Facts, Frequency, Frequency Distribution, Tabulation, Cumulative Frequency, Formulation of Facts, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Central measurement, Parallel Mean, Median & Mode & Polynomial, LCM & HCF, Relation between LCM & HCF, Simultaneous equations, Quadratic Equations, Factors, Area theorem, Triangle, Pythagoras Theorem, Rectangle, Square,


Trapezium, The perimeter, Area of the parallelogram, The perimeter and Area of Circle, etc.
This is the complete syllabus of the examination. All the candidates must prepare for this examination in a better manner. The preparation for the examination can be done easily. There are many books available in the market by which you can get better prepared. While purchasing a book from the market make sure that you are buying the best book. Most of the books are just full of questions and nothing else. Buy the book, That could give you complete preparation for the exam.

Every needs to solve the previous year’s question papers. The previous papers give you a better understanding of the questions and their type etc. It would also increase your speed to attend the maximum questions in the examination.

This is the best career option for freshers. Once you get selected as a Lekhpal, You can appear for the departmental exams to get further promotion in this service. As soon as you get promoted, your salary and responsibility will also increase. All the candidate who has passed class 12th must apply for this vacancy. This is the best career opportunity for freshers—no work experience needed to apply for this vacancy. Now let’s see the work profile of the Lekhpals in Uttar Pradesh.


Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Salary, Work , And Promotion :

Salary always plays an important role in Inspiration in any department service. Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal is a very good job and paid service. Here in this article, I am going to share complete information about UP Lekhpal Salary, Work Profile, and Promotion with you. To get complete information about it, thoroughly see and understand the entire article below. I have shared all the information about the work profile of UP Lekhpal. All of you will get complete information about UP Lekhpal Salary and all other benefits etc. Please read all the articles.


Mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Lekhpals are recruited to maintain land records. A candidate who is hired as a Lekhpal gets a very impressive salary in his hand. To be selected as a Lekhpal in Uttar Pradesh, an examination has to be cleared. The candidate will be selected on the base of the written examination. There is no Interview in this exam, and the selection will be purely based on the score obtained in the written examination. After the written examination, a merit list of selected candidates will be made. Now see UP Lekhpal Salary and Work Profile.

Lekhpal Salary in Uttar Pradesh

Candidates’ salary is very good at this service. Lekhpal of Uttar Pradesh gets a good salary for his service. On average, a person gets about 22,400 / – salary per month. Some other salary which is available in this service. 5200 – 20200 / – + Grade Pay to Lekhpal Rs. 2000 / find. Here also, other benefits and allowances are given to Lekhpal as per government rules and regulations.

UP Lekhpal Salary as per 7th Pay band

Pay Band Level                                          7th Grade Pay Commission
1S – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8                                     Rs 15,000 – Rs 60,000
2S – 9,10,11,12,13,14,15                            Rs 30,000 – Rs 1,00,000
3S – 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23                   Rs 50,000 – Rs 1,50,000
4S – 24.25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30                 Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 2,00,000


Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Work Profile

UP Lekhpal is recruited to examine and maintain Land Records.
Lekhpal also works in Public Welfare.
The candidate who will be selected in the service as a Lekhpal will have to maintain records and all the data etc.

There is no problematic work that should be mentioned here.
We are all very familiar with the work of UP Lekhpal. Now let’s see the entire Promotion Pyramid of Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal and what are the chances of getting promoted on higher posts based on their experience and exams etc.

Promotion of Lekhpal in Uttar Pradesh

After seeing the UP Lekhpal Salary and work profile, we look at all the promotion criteria. Lekhpal has no Promotion Pyramid in Uttar Pradesh. Candidate can be promoted in the Revenue Inspector after Lekhpal, but there is a fixed routine for Promote. Promotion can be done on the basis of experience, or you will need to be prepared for this and for departmental examinations to get promotion in the service.


This is the best way to become a part of this service. It is also easy to join the department as Lekhpal. Once you are selected in the service, you have the option to get more promotion in the department through Departmental Exams. To apply for Lekhpal vacancy, all you have to do is pass the 12th class from any recognized board institute. No experience is required, freshers can also apply for this vacancy.

All the candidates who want to see their career as a Lekhpal, they must apply for this vacancy and should be well prepared for the upcoming Exams. The competition is less compared to jobs after graduation. For more information about this job, you must visit all the officials to get the information of Written Exams Syllabus and Exam Pattern.


All the information given above is about UP Lekhpal Salary, Work Profile, and Promotion. If you liked this article and found it useful, then share it with your friends. Apart from this, all of you must comment on us in the comment box below. If you guys are happy with this article written by me, then all of you must share this article with your friends

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