December 6, 2022

Under fire, Charanjit Singh Channi clarifies and Priyanka Gandhi uses marriage shield | India News – Times of India

CHANDIGARH: A day after his remarks on migrants from UP, Bihar and Delhi made in the presence of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra during Tuesday’s rally in Ropar stoked a controversy, Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi on Thursday claimed that his statement had been distorted by opposition parties. He said he was referring to AAP leaders coming to Punjab from outside and not migrants coming to work in Punjab.
In a video message, he said, “Migrants in Punjab have always contributed to the development of the state. They work in factories and elsewhere and they enjoy our love and affection. We have a close relationship with them. I was talking about AAP leaders like Durgesh Pathak, Sanjay Singh and Arvind Kejriwal who come to Punjab and cause disruptions.”
Addressing a rally in Ropar, Channi had said that those from UP and Bihar, whom he referred to as “bhaiye”, should not be allowed to enter Punjab.
Defending Channi, Priyanka said, “All that Channi said was that Punjab should be run by Punjabis. His statement was misconstrued. I don’t think anyone from UP is interested in coming to Punjab and ruling.”
Attacking PM Modi and Delhi CM Kejriwal for their reference to “Punjabiyat”, she said that their talking of Punjabiyat “makes me laugh”.
“How much understanding do they have of Punjabiyat? You have to live Punjabiyat to understand it. It is a sentiment. I am married into a Punjabi family. I’ll tell you what Punjabiyat is. My father-in-law left everything in Pakistan to start his business in Moradabad. This is Punjabiyat, which is service, hard work and honesty. Punjabiyat never bows before anyone except the Almighty.”

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