March 24, 2023

To condemn every man as rapist not advisable: Smriti Irani | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Amid hearings in Delhi HC over criminalisation of marital rape, women and child development minister Smriti Irani told RS on Wednesday that while protection of women and kids was a priority, condemning every marriage as violent and every man as rapist was not “advisable”.
Irani was replying to a query from CPI’s Binoy Viswam on whether the Centre had taken note of Sec 3 of Domestic Violence Act on the definition of domestic violence & IPC Sec 375 on rape.
“Let me say, to condemn every marriage in this country as a violent marriage, and to condemn every man in this country as a rapist is not advisable in this august House. Protection of women and children in our country are a priority for all but yet again, let me reiterate to condemn every marriage in this country as violent is not advisable,” the minister said.

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