March 24, 2023

Times Top10 wins gold at WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards | India News – Times of India

The Times of India’s premium newsletter offering, Times Top10, has been adjudged the best newsletter at the South Asian Digital Media Awards 2021.
The awards, presented by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of News Publishers, honour publishers who excel in their work and deliver unique and original digital news projects.
As a ‘Gold’ winner in its category, Times Top10 will automatically enter WAN-IFRA’s World Digital Media Awards where it will compete with Gold winners from the African, European, Middle East, Latin American, North American and Asian Digital Media Awards.
Launched in June 2018, Times Top10 has carved out a new format of storytelling. Unlike traditional newsletters, Times Top10 isn’t just a collection of links, but a selection of stories created and curated to provide our readers information and context. Each mini-story is a complete package in itself and for readers who want to go even deeper a link for further reading is provided. Most stories have a unique visual (which readers have appreciated repeatedly) and every letter has a news puzzle.
Congratulating the Times Top10 team, Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman, Times Internet said: “Times Top10 is a new-age newspaper at your e-doorstep. Thoughtfully curated, tightly prepared for efficient consumption, it’s a core part of my daily routine. Congratulations to the team for building something new that millions of our readers now depend on for trustworthy news”.
Times Top10’s journey to close to a million mailboxes has been a story of constant and consistent reader engagement. The steady feedback has helped the newsletter grow and improve. The Times Top10 experience has also encouraged us to launch eight more curated newsletters – The Corona Letter, Health+, Wealth+, WorldWatch+, Gender+, Education+, Worklife+ and Income Tax+.
Here’s a small sample from thousands of readers who have written to us about the Times Top10 newsletter:
* Excellent. Crisp, short, quick and enough information in the morning for a quickie. Best of Best. – N. Ramaswami
* I find coverage very precise and current. There is no extra baggage, all material is interesting. I hope you continue to maintain the standards established and don’t unnecessarily try to “improve”, a big pitfall for such wonderful endeavours. – PK Trehan
* Excellent newsletter. Very informative and very readable. Thank you for the brilliant work. – Jeffrey DeSouza (Australia)
* I have enjoyed your daily emails … but now I would like to get some content in Hindi also as l am a Hindi graduate. – Majida Nasrin
* I start my day with Times Top 10 but I’d really appreciate it if you could keep the more important Civil Services-based current affairs in it … make a small capsule of political news. I appreciate each bit of your journalism. – Ananya Chauhan
* I would also like you to have editorial page and comments of experts – Pandurang Dhopeshwarkar

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