March 23, 2023

Things you should consider before buying a room heater

Things you should consider before buying a room heater

Room heaters have turned out to be a necessity considering harsh winters in many parts of the country. Global warming has made temperature extremes more common over the years. Different people have various ways of keeping themselves warm and their house cosy during winters. One way is also with room heaters. Room heaters can help keep the entire room warm and not just an individual, even for extended periods of time.

However, there are multiple types, options and makes available in the market today, it might be confusing to choose the ‘perfect’ room heater that you need. Some electric room heaters are also equipped with special features like — digital controls and automatic oscillation for more convenience. We will discuss the types of room heaters and the important features you should consider before buying one, to help you make this decision easier.

Types of room heaters

There are different types of room heaters that are available in the market and here we have discussed the various options you can select from. These are the three main types of room heaters that are available in India:

Convection or Fan heaters — Convection or fan-based room heaters are a feasible option for Indian households as you can store them away when you don’t need them. These devices are effective in keeping mid-sized to large rooms warm for a certain amount of time. Fan heaters are quite popular and are used by consumers around the world.

Infrared or Radiant heaters — These room heaters use infrared technology to produce heat and are suitable to keep small spaces (especially rooms with a smaller carpet area and low ceilings) warm. Electricity is passed through quartz tubes which can transmit the resulting heat to people and objects around.

Oil heaters — The heating element in oil heaters is dipped in oil. This helps in heating the oil, which eventually makes the air around warm and comfortable in winters. Oil heaters are generally more expensive than the convection and radiant heaters

Features to consider
Brand, design and warranty are some of the obvious features that users should look into before buying any product. In the case of a room heater, there are several other factors that you must consider before choosing the right one. Here are some of the most important features you should consider before to buy the perfect room heater:

Humidity — Most room heaters use the oxygen that is available in the room to deliver warmth. It is crucial to note that this results in the humidity to drop to significant levels, especially when it is used in smaller spaces. Low humidity levels can lead to conditions like dry eyes, blocked nose and other nasal irritation. The best way to avoid this issue is to choose a humidifier one or a room heater that retains normal humidity levels while operating.

Thermostat control — It is essential for a room heater to monitor the required temperature and it is a very essential feature to consider when you choose one. Room heaters with this feature are able to maintain the temperature in the room according to your convenience and comfort. Room heaters that offer accurate thermostat control are the ideal ones.

Portability — Some room heaters are very lightweight and some also come with a handle which helps in the portability of the device. These heaters are perfect for households that choose to move the heater among rooms rather than buying one for each room. Portability is a very important factor if you live with older people as it gives them the freedom to manoeuvre it depending on their discretion

Length of the cord — Always make sure to inquire about the length of the power cord before you buy a room heater. A longer cord will give you the freedom to place it anywhere in the room even if the plug is not nearby.

Wattage and heating capacity — It is very important to check the wattage or heating capacity of the room heater as the ones with higher capacity helps in better heating. For example, if you have a 200 square feet room, you will require a 2000-watt room heater for the best results.

Safety features — A heater with safety features like automatic on/off can help in many ways. For example, you need not worry about turning it off before going off to sleep as it switches off automatically. You can also save some energy by setting a timer.

Energy efficiency — Heavy-duty electrical appliances can dig a huge hole in your pocket with monthly electricity bills. It is essential to consider the energy-efficiency factor as this will not only save you from an enormous electricity bill at the end of the month, but will also ensure the safety of our environment.

Heating speed — You can get a decent idea about the efficiency of the room heater if you know how much time it needs to heat a space or how effectively it can deliver warmth. While checking for a room heater’s wattage, also check out the efficiency of the product.

Noise levels — Products that produce a lot of noise while operating can turn out to be annoying at times. If your room heater makes a lot of noise while operating, it can harm your sleep cycles. Always check for noise levels – most modern room heaters are designed to operate silently.

Budget — Although this shouldn’t be a prime factor, the product must justify its cost. It is always advisable to compare product prices and wait for deals before deciding the final product. Good heaters are available in the market within a price range of Rs 5000 to Rs 15,000.

Aesthetics — Once all the important functionalities are covered you could also consider comparing heaters with different designs. Modern room heaters come in various shapes, sizes and colours that give you multiple options to select from. You can always go for the designs that match with your home/room’s interior.


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