November 26, 2022

The Best 5 Indian Bowlers With Amazing Consistency

There is no denying that India is now playing their best cricket in all three formats. We have never witnessed a team this courageous, both at home grounds and on international trips.

For many years, India’s cricket was concentrated and reliant on our batsmen. But suddenly things are different. Over the past several years, the South Asian nation has been training some excellent bowling talents like Kapil Dev, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, Ajit Agarkar, Bishan Singh Bedi, Anil Kumble, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and many other legends who have made us win matches.

Over the years, we’ve had a tonne of elite bowlers who consistently delivered results regardless of how the team as a whole was doing. Even in test cricket which is the most difficult format in the game, as we all know. Hard work, diligence, patience, and most importantly, character, are required in the game format.

We are here to discuss the top 5 Indian bowlers of all time as per insights from BCCI domestic cricket news today:

Anil Kumble

The best test bowler in India’s history was easy to pick. This is because of the fact that Anil Kumble has 619 test wickets to his name. The best test bowler we had was unquestionably the leg spinner from Karnataka, who also served as the team’s head coach for a while. Who could ever forget his performance against Pakistan in 1999, he had taken 10 wickets in the match and led team India towards victory. Anil was renowned for his capacity for winning games.

The medium-pace bowler who switched to spin bowling played 132 test matches for India, winning 43 of them and taking 288 wickets. An unconventional spinner who didn’t turn the ball much and was referred to as “Jumbo” by the media outlets was possibly India’s greatest matchwinner in history. It is believed that these arguments alone are sufficient to support the choice of Anil Kumble as the greatest Indian bowler ever.

Kapil Dev

Not including Kapil Dev’s name when discussing India’s greatest bowlers is among the most idiotic things that can be done. The second person on the list is Kapil Dev. One of the most unique players to have worn the Indian jersey is the all-time best player in India and the 1983 Cricket World Cup champion.

In 131 Test matches for India, Kapil Dev, often nicknamed as “The Bowler of All Conditions,” claimed a staggering 434 wickets against all-time great players from nations like Australia, the West Indies, and England. He was unquestionably India’s finest bowler on Australian fields, taking 51 wickets in 11 Test matches there at a fantastic average of just 24.58, as well as 35 wickets in the West Indies at an average of just over 23.  Even though India didn’t win many tests when Kapil was a member of the team, he always gave it his all. His club won 24 games, and he had a remarkable average of 18.30. 

Bishan Singh Bedi

One of the very finest spin bowlers of his period, Bishan Singh Bedi contributed significantly to India’s success in Test matches. Bedi, who is best known for his economical bowling and ball-fighting skills, proved to be a challenge in a variety of cricketing environments. With his skills and a great bowling style, he got the third rank on the list.

The left-arm spinner amassed 266 wickets at an average of 28.71 throughout the career of his 67 Test appearances, 14 five-wicket innings, and 67 Tests. He had an incredible average of just under 18 in 17 Tests, taking 97 wickets for a total of 97 in games India won. Especially on the pitches in Australia and New Zealand, where he averaged 27.51 and 24.65 respectively, Bedi loved bowling in foreign conditions. He took 129 wickets at an average of 33.72 in 37 Test matches, which is a solid away record.

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan oversaw the Indian pace attack in Test matches for more than ten years and is perhaps one of the most intelligent bowlers of the current age. Even if it did take Zaheer some time to adjust to the game’s longest format, once he did, there was no stopping him.

The Mumbai pacer’s bowling performance on the road, particularly in nations like England and New Zealand, is a significant factor in why he surpasses other Indian bowling legends to claim the fourth spot on the list.

 He took 207 wickets at an impressive average of 31.47 in 54 Tests played outside of India, including 8 five-wicket hauls. With 104 wickets in 38 matches at an average of just under 36, the left-domestic cricket statistics were marginally worse in comparison. Zaheer Khan built a reputation as a match-winner throughout his career, taking 149 of his 311 wickets in Test matches that the Indians won.

BS Chandrashekhar

The former Indian leg-spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar was a bowler who might fairly be described as “one of a kind.” His distinctive bowling approach can be nearly entirely attributed to a disability he acquired as a child as a result of a polio attack that left his right arm shriveled.

Chandrasekhar played 58 Test matches and took 242 wickets at an average of just under 30 over his 15-year career for India. The Mysore-born cricketer was a formidable opponent at home, but he was also skilled on pitches outside of India that didn’t support spinners. The leg-spinner recorded a remarkable average of 32.66 while taking 100 wickets in 26 overseas Tests, which was only marginally better than his 27.69 stats at home. He took 159 of his total 242 career wickets in games the Indians won or ended up drawing, with his average in those wins as low as 19.27.

As the selection of our Top 5 Best Test Bowlers list may surprise you, all of these players were match-winners in their eras. There are a lot of excellent bowlers representing India now, and they will eventually take the position of the best players on this list.


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