March 24, 2023

Sunil Gavaskar reveals an interesting anecdote in relation to Lata Mangeshkar; he told Noor Jahan that he doesn’t know her, but only Lata Ji – Times of India

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away on February 6, leaving the entire nation with a deep void. Having said that, the film, sports and music fraternity have poured in tributes for the late singer. Recently, Sunil Gavaskar who made his appearance at an event dedicated to Lata ji recalled how back in 1982-83, he had told Pakistani singer Noor Jahan that he doesn’t know her, but only Lata Mangeshkar.

Back in 1982, Gavaskar was putting up in Lahore, Pakistan for a Test Match. It was during the third day of the Lahore Test match, the former cricketer along with his team was called for a thank-you party.

Sunil recollects, being at the door, welcoming the guests with their manager Maharaja Fatehsinghrao Prataprao Gaekwad, when Noor Jahan came and shared that he couldn’t recognize her. When Maharaja introduced Sunil saying ‘this is our captain, you must know him, Noor responded saying, ‘no, I don’t know him, I only know Imraan Khan and Zaheer.

Revisiting the incident, Sunil says, ‘it felt like salt on a wound’ because Imraan and Zaheer were doing exceedingly well at the matches. In the meantime, Maharaja believed that he must be knowing her (Noor), to which Sunil said that he only knows Lata Ji.

Gavaskar also recollected how when he first heard Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’, he was so touched that, at that moment, he felt like wanting to join the Indian Army. At that time, he was already successful, but that’s how the song impacted him.

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