March 23, 2023

Salim Khan on snake biting his son Salman Khan: “We caught the reptile but then set it free” – Exclusive! – Times of India

It has been a crazy morning for Bollywood‘s Khan-daan. You can imagine the fright that each and every member of Salman Khan’s family got this morning when they learnt of a snake biting Salman Khan at his Panvel farmhouse.

“We were definitely worried when it happened and Salman rushed to the nearest medical centre to get an injection that is needed in such cases. Thankfully it turned out that the snake was not poisonous,” Salim Khan, when contacted, told ETimes exclusively a few minutes ago.

And then what happened, we asked? Replied Salim Khan, “Well, he returned to the farmhouse and went to sleep for a few hours. As we speak, he is fine. There’s nothing to worry- but yes, there was a scare.”

Salim Khan revealed that his staff at their farmhouse does get bitten by snakes and scorpions at times, but most snakes near the jungle area of the farmhouse are not venomous. “The staff came racing when Salman got bitten and they caught the reptile in question. But I have always told them not to kill the non-poisonous snakes. So after we got to know that the one which had bitten Salman was not carrying any poison, we released the snake back into the jungle area, a little away but at a safe distance from our farmhouse.”

Tomorrow is Salman’s birthday. As usual, he will be celebrating it at his Panvel farmhouse. It remains to be seen who all from Mumbai will join him there, keeping in mind the threat from the new variant of COVID.

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