March 30, 2023

Republic Day 2022: When Manasa Varanasi elaborated on how Indian culture is rich and sustainable – Beauty Pageants – Indiatimes

Manasa Varanasi is yet another youth icon paving her way to make India proud globally. Shouldering billions of dreams, she performed exceptionally during several rounds at Miss World 2021. As a result, she made it to the qualifying Top 40 and has won the opportunity to return to Puerto Rico to compete for the coveted crown.

While we awe our charming queen, she left no chance to speak about India’s rich heritage and culture. She is indeed a proud Indian, and we have proof!

During an interview on being asked, “As an Indian woman, what makes you the most proud about your culture” with utmost pride in her eyes, Manasa replied, “Well, back in India, we traditionally greet each other by saying
namaskaram and
namaskaram literally translates as the light in me welcomes the light in you, and I think this is a beautiful word really to showcase how much we value respect in our culture respect not only towards each other but also the planet that we live in and I think when we speak of respect, there’s most Indians believe that the one uniting force that exists in the world is energy the same energy that’s in you is the same energy that’s in me and it’s the same energy that’s in the world really, and it’s this energy that drives us to really be participants meaningful participants in life who respect the planet that we live in.”

Watch Manasa Varanasi at the Head to Head Challenge episode of Miss World 2021

Watch Manasa Varanasi at the Head to Head Challenge episode of Miss World 2021


Manasa chose to be a part of pageantry to be a voice that brings about a change in the world. And while she is just a step away from winning the glorious Miss World crown, we are already proud of her values of respecting her country above all.

On the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day, expressing her greatest joy of winning the opportunity to represent our country, she says, “I am extremely fortunate to be living the experience of being called India on the world platform, not once but twice as I’ll be back to Puerto Rico competing at the Miss World pageant soon. I am proud to be a citizen of this nation that ensures the fundamental rights of every citizen, such as the right to equality, freedom, religion, culture, and education. I, Manasa Varanasi, wish you all a very Happy Republic day. Jai Hind!”

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