March 27, 2023

rahul: Eyeing 2024 election, Congress plans web of WhatsApp groups, ‘Rahul connect’ app | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Planning to throw the digital-social media net wider, Congress is planning a web of WhatsApp groups down to the assembly segment level for political publicity and voter mobilisation for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
With the theme of “Rahul/RG connect”, Congress is also mulling an App for a penetrative online cadre contact across the states nationally. The idea is to radically transform its social media-online strength for the next parliamentary elections, based on the exigencies faced during the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic.
According to sources, WhatsApp groups-“RG connect 2024” – will be launched and members will be asked to propel the delivered publicity material and political messages further, by posting them on their personal social media platforms and disseminating them to other citizens. While the plan is to initially make multiple large groups in the states, they will then be subdivided down to zonal level or assembly segment level. In some states, they may even be taken to the booth level.
Sources said active members will be made part of these WhatsApp groups, who will then network with party members and general voters through the strategy designed for the project.
Given the ambitious project that Congress is going ahead with on the social media campaign, with “Rahul connect“ as the theme, it is likely to be seen as a hint that Rahul may assume the leadership of the party towards the end of the year when organisational elections are scheduled. It also suggests that Congress is focusing separately on the Lok Sabha elections which are over two years away even as it battles a survival crisis and faces a number of assembly elections In the interim period.
Congress is in the middle of its membership drive, which precedes organisational elections, and the members are likely to be issued cards, who would then be enrolled in the WhatsApp groups. It is learnt that Congress will also be creating similar cadre interface on all social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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