December 8, 2022

punjab: Congress will go to Punjab polls with CM face: Rahul Gandhi | India News – Times of India

JALANDHAR: Congress’s CM face in Punjab will be decided soon on the basis of feedback from party workers, Rahul Gandhi declared at a virtual election rally in Jalandhar Cantt on Thursday after admittedly telling incumbent Charanjit Singh Channi and contender Navjot Singh Sidhu that “two people can’t lead”.
“I was discussing while travelling in the vehicle about who would lead Punjab— the media calls that fellow ‘CM candidate’. Both Channi ji and Sidhu ji told me that the biggest question in Punjab is who would lead Punjab from Congress,” Rahul said. “Both of them assured me that the decision (taken by the party) would be acceptable to all, and I was very happy.”
The former Congress president said he also drew comfort from the duo’s assurance that after the party picked the one who would lead, “the other would support him with all his might”. Rahul urged Congress workers to help pick “the right person to take Punjab ahead” and make sure everyone “fights like a team”.
The Congress leadership has been under pressure from both Channi and Sidhu to name the party’s CM face, more so with challenger AAP having already declared its candidate in Bhagwant Mann.
“Normally, we don’t have this practice (to announce a CM candidate), but as it is a demand from the state, we shall do it,” Rahul said.
Before Rahul spoke, Sidhu had mentioned this in his speech while highlighting Punjab’s battle against “mafia raj” and the “huge debt trap” the state had landed in.

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