March 24, 2023

#PowerOfTheCrown: Manasa Varanasi’s vision, mission and pride – BWAP Project 1098 – Beauty Pageants – Indiatimes

Femina Miss India World 2020 Manasa Varanasi grew up with a strong desire to be the voice for vulnerable children, and soon after her national win, the queen was on the move to put into action the mission she has always cherished — to prevent and stop child abuse and rescue children in distress.

Every year, India witnesses thousands of illegal child marriages, thousands of kids are orphaned, abandoned, abused, forced into child labour, or trafficked, and with COVID-19, these numbers had a drastic rise. Unfortunately, by the time people realise there are issues, it’s either too late, or they are unaware of how to offer any help. Last year, in association with Hyderabad City Police and Bharosa Support Center for Women and Child, Manasa launched her Beauty With A Purpose (BWAP) project, 10-9-8.

Through this campaign, the stunning queen hopes to promote and create awareness about 1098, the Child Helpline number. It being the national hotline for Child Protection, has very low public awareness.

Over the years, the beauty has volunteered with various NGOs, and speaking about her greater vision towards this cause, she said, “Connecting with these children made me appreciate the fact that behind every smile, behind every action, lies a story, and these stories – sometimes happy, but often sad — mold us. It is easy to pay attention to the way people look and act, but our fears and traumas are very personal experiences. So, I really want to reach out and make as many children feel safe.”

Manasa’s BWAP project 10-9-8 has been classified into three pillars.

The first pillar aims to create awareness of the child helpline hotline 1098. As a spokesperson for the campaign, Manasa uses social media, news, TV, and billboards to create awareness. Her voice has also been recorded and played across 66 traffic signal junctions in Hyderabad.

The second pillar focuses on the challenges faced to respond in time to a rescue mission due to the lack of resources. The staff and volunteers often have to travel long distances using private taxis, which are expensive and not easily available, especially in rural parts of the states or public transportation, which can be inconsistent and experience long delays.

For the same, Manasa initiated a fundraising initiative to procure vehicles for Telangana’s Women Development and Child Welfare (WDCW) department to strengthen the child protection system. As a result, with the guidance and approval of the state government, Telangana will now have a dedicated vehicle for the rescue operation in every district. Simultaneously, there has also been an outreach to businesses and individuals worldwide for financial support.

The third pillar is closest to her heart, which is an essential part of her work, and it revolves around the rehabilitation of the children, speaking to them, lending them an ear. After a traumatic event, especially the death of a parent or years of neglect/abuse, feeling seen and heard is central to the victim’s healing process.

With a vision to ensure the highest levels of safety, access, rapid response, and awareness on child issues, Manasa aspires to reach out to every abandoned child in her home state, Telangana, and later the whole country. During her feat at Miss World 2021, Manasa was adjudged the winner of the BWAP project, along with five others.

Manasa has been tirelessly working towards her mission by using the platform and opportunity she received on being crowned the winner of Femina Miss India 2020. And now it is your turn to make a difference. To register, log on to and apply now. Don’t forget to download the
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