March 24, 2023

pin: How to change UPI PIN on Google Pay

How to change UPI PIN on Google Pay

Google Pay, the UPI-based online payment app has become one of the most common ways of making payments at a store, local shops, online e-commerce platforms and even for transferring money to someone.

The app offers several security features and Google assures its users the transactions are safe and encrypted from either ends.

Despite that, the app also offers users the option to enable screen lock feature, sort of, an app lock feature that users need to enter in order to access the app. But, the important factor is to make the payment, users are required to set up a four digit UPI PIN.

The UPI PIN can be understood like the debit or credit card PIN that enter in the ATM machine to withdraw cash. This is the PIN that Google Pay app asks users to create at the time of setting up the app.

However, just like any other password or PIN, it is advisable to keep changing the UPI PIN from time to time to additional security.

If you are wondering how to change UPI PIN using Google Pay app, here are steps you need to follow.


Open Google Pay app on your smartphone


Tap on your profile icon at the top right corner


Then, tap the bank account for which you want to change the UPI PIN


Tap More and then tap Change UPI PIN.


Enter a new UPI PIN and re-enter it to confirm


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