March 24, 2023

moskalenko: This is why Apple has filed a lawsuit against the upcoming superhero film

This is why Apple has filed a lawsuit against the upcoming superhero film

NEW DELHI: Amidst fighting high-profile court cases against the likes of Ericsson and Epic Games, Apple has managed to find time to file a new lawsuit against Vasyl Moskalenko, the writer and director of an upcoming action-comedy superhero film titled Apple-Man.

iPhone in Canada has reported the lawsuit filed by Apple to prevent the distribution of the film. According to the report, Apple thinks that consumers may believe the film is associated with the Apple brand.

Moskalenko confirmed iPhone in Canada website that Apple has filed a 467-page long lawsuit seeking halt of the distribution of the film.

The writer, director finished shooting the Kickstarter campaign healthy-lifestyle targeted superhero film in 2020 and the film has just entered into the post-production phase.

According to Moskalenko, the film has been approved by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and the company is now trying to have the trademark registration application denied.

“My movie is about apples, the fruits,” Moskalenko told iPhone in Canada. He has also stressed the fact that his film does not have any references or mentions about Apple products.

“If my registration would be denied, there are no guarantees that Apple wouldn’t demand to delete my film after its release,” said the indie movie maker to iPhone in Canada.

Moskalenko believes that this looks like ‘trademark bullying’ and he is open to negotiations to resolve the dispute.


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