March 24, 2023

K’taka Bans Clothes That Disturb Harmony, Order | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: Seeking to end the raging hijab row in educational institutions in Karnataka, the state government, on Saturday, issued an order making it mandatory for students to wear uniform prescribed by the government and administrations of private schools and PU colleges claiming that such an act does not violate Article 25 of the Constitution.
“Clothes which disturb equality, integrity and public order should not be allowed,” the order said.
This comes in the backdrop of the Karnataka high court which on February 8 will hear the petitions filed by five girls studying in a government pre-university college in Udupi, questioning hijab restrictions in college.
The education department has formally issued an order asking all government schools and PU colleges to follow the uniform as stipulated by the state government.
‘Students of pvt institutions must stick to management’s dresscode’
Students of the private institutions should adhere to the dress code decided by the management of the school, the order said.
The order said colleges which are under the department of pre-university of the state government will follow the dress decided by the college development board. And if there is no such code, then students can wear a dress that will not affect equality, integrity and law and order. The order also cited the rulings of Supreme Court and various high courts which have held in different cases that asking students not to wear headscarves is not a violation of Article 25 of the Constitution.
“The government exercising powers confirmed on it under the Karnataka Education Act, makes it mandatory for students of schools and PU colleges to follow uniform code fixed by the government and in case of private institutions their respective administrations,” the order said.

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