March 24, 2023

kejriwal: AAP will form govt in Punjab, says Kejriwal | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party national convenor and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has expressed confidence that his party is going to form the government in Punjab while winning a good number of seats in Uttarakhand and Goa. Uttar Pradesh, said Kejriwal, was a big state and not an easy one to contest in. AAP is contesting here for the first time. The party is also in the poll fray in Manipur.
“If we go by our survey, then we feel confident of forming a government in Punjab,” he said in an exclusive interview with Times Now Navbharat. “At some places, we expect to perform spectacularly well while at others we will try to make inroads. Sometimes, the journey is long, but to begin that journey one needs to take those initial steps,” said Kejriwal, who had formed the government in Delhi with outside support when it made its debut.
Kejriwal said his government had done exceptionally well in Delhi in the past seven years by improving infrastructure of schools and hospitals and providing free electricity. This, he said, was possible only due to a corruption-free and honest government that AAP had provided. “These facilities should be given to the entire country. So, either the other parties can provide it or the people of these states will call us,” he said.
Accusing BJP and Congress of indulging in corruption, Kejriwal said the two parties did not have any agenda other than of looting people. “Let people decide if they want better hospitals, schools, proper electricity and water supply or not. These parties have nothing to offer except for carrying out looting,” said Kejriwal.
Referring to Punjab, which will go to the polls on February 20, Kejriwal said no development had taken place in the border state for several decades and all the money had gone into the pockets of politicians. “In the past 40-50 years, no new school, hospital, college, university, dispensary or roads were built in Punjab. Where did this amount of Rs 2,82,000 crore (deficit) go when they didn’t do any work? The money, which is going to the Swiss bank (accounts of politicians), needs to be returned to the janata of Punjab,” he said.
He also accused the Congress government in the state of playing politics on the issue of the security lapse related to PM Narendra Modi‘s visit. The PM’s cavalcade was held up on the highway due to a protest when he was travelling to Ferozepur by road from the Bhatinda air force station last month to address a political rally.
“PM is the PM of the country. His security is crucial. Politics cannot be played over his security, no matter which party is in government in the state or at the Centre. The kind of politics that was being played over the security lapse is condemnable,” Kejriwal said. He added that the Channi government had completely failed to secure the state as there were regular reports of drugs being smuggled in from across the border, tiffin bombs being recovered and drones being spotted.
Asked whether AAP was trying to be a national alternative, Kejriwal said his party’s only ambition is to eliminate corruption from the country and improve the condition of schools and hospitals besides fulfilling the basic needs of the people related to continuous electricity and water supply.
Kejriwal also alleged that Modi had lied in Parliament when he accused the AAP government of instigating the labourers living in JJ clusters to leave Delhi during the lockdown. “PM lied in Parliament; it doesn’t look good. I should not say any more than this,” he said.

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