February 8, 2023

It’s been a week to the glorious crowning of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu; learn more about our queen through her Instagram posts! – Beauty Pageants – Indiatimes

After 21 long years, 21 year-old Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu brought home the third prestigious crown of Miss Universe, following Lara Dutta (2000) and Sushmita Sen (1994). With over 80 delegates vying for the coveted title, the grand finale of the 70th edition of Miss Universe was hosted at Eilat, Israel.

Harnaaz, who hails from Chandigarh, announced her glorious win by thanking God and expressing gratitude to all who were part of her journey through a post on her official Instagram account. Today marks one week of the historic moment, let us introduce you to our queen by taking you through her Instagram posts.

Staying true to her name (meaning everyone’s pride), Harnaaz won the national pageant of LIVA Miss Diva 2021 on 30th September, 2021. While she won the national title in 2021, her journey began in 2017. She was focused on her ultimate goal and strived hard to make her dream a reality; the rest is history.

An elated Harnaaz shared the news along with the official portrait of Miss Universe 2021 and made sure to thank God for her incredible win! Her strong faith and hard work is the true example of the saying, ‘Do your best God will do the rest.’

In an extensive post, Harnaaz paid tribute to all who were part of her success and vowed to rightfully fulfill her duties as the reigning queen.

In the following days, Harnaaz gave her fans glimpses of her new journey along with inspirational quotes.

Recently, she shared a photo dump of her crowning moments expressing her disbelief of the honor and humbly quotes, “Grateful! 🙏🏻❤️”

Beauty queens worldwide have proved to be role models to young girls, but Harnaaz managed to win the love and respect even before winning the prestigious crown, with her winning answer. On being asked, “What advice would you give to young women watching on how to deal with the pressures they face today?” With her head held high, she replied, “Well, I think the biggest pressure the youth of today is facing is to believe in themselves. To know that you are unique makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourself with others, and let’s talk about more important things happening worldwide. I think this is what you need to understand. Come out, speak for yourself, because you are the leader of your life. You are the voice of your own. I believed in myself, and that’s why I’m standing here today. Thank you.”

While many forget their goals and promises as they climb the stairs of success, we see how great a visionary our queen, Harnaaz, is. During her interview following her national win, she was asked about her feelings on winning the national title, to which she replied, “It definitely feels overwhelming. It is such a huge responsibility. I feel very happy and grateful to each one who supported me and had faith in my ability and skills since day one. But at the same time, I think it’s time to realize that it’s done, the finale is over, and I need to return to reality and work because I have only around 40 days to prepare for Miss Universe. It’s been 21 years since India won its last crown, and it is the 70th edition of Miss Universe. I plan to make the best out of this opportunity and make my country proud. It surely is a challenge for me and the whole organization as we have a brief span to help me prepare for the coveted crown.”

We are in awe of our queen, and we can’t wait to see her make us more proud in the coming days.

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