March 22, 2023

intel: Intel may give iPhone users a few reasons to use Windows PCs

Intel may give iPhone users a few reasons to use Windows PCs

It is rather difficult for a MacBook user to go back to a Windows PC. Unless you are compelled to do so — for professional reasons — very few make the switch. And for an iPhone user, the MacBook is the perfect — albeit slightly expensive — proposition as the hallowed Apple ecosystem allows seamless connectivity. However, it looks like Intel may have plans to give an ‘Apple-like’ experience on Windows PCs.

At the CES 2022, Intel during a presentation showed how users will be able to ‘control’ their iPhones through a Windows PC. Intel had recently acquired a company called Screenovate and using its technology Intel is looking to implement device control system. However, the tech — when it sees the light of the day — will be restricted to Evo-branded PCs only.

Intel showcased how users will be able to send files, images, documents from an iPhone to the PC. Not just that users will also be able to send and recieve text messages, including conversations in the iMessage app.

Further, Intel also said that it could also show data from the Health app on an Apple Watch, which is paired to an iPhone.

However, Intel made it clear that it “plans to work with partners, including Apple” to ensure that the tool reaches users. It will be interesting to see whether and if Apple — a company that closely guards its ecosystem — actually allows the use of iMessage on Windows PCs.

Intel also said that the feature will only be offered on an “exclusive” number of Eve PCs, which are traditionally high-performance premium devices. The feature is expected to launch later this year and may roll out to other Intel-powered Windows PCs after that.


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