February 5, 2023

India witnessing ‘trailers’ of future conflicts: Army chief | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: India is witnessing “trailers” of future conflicts and its adversaries like China and Pakistan will continue efforts to achieve their strategic aims by use of “grey zone” tactics instead of a full-fledged war, Army chief General M M Naravane said on Thursday.
“We have observed some nations are challenging globally accepted norms and the rules-based order. This challenge has manifested in various forms of creeping aggression and opportunist actions to alter the status-quo, keeping the threshold below all-out war,” said Gen Naravane, addressing a seminar here.
“Our adversaries shall continue with their efforts to achieve their strategic aims, short of conflict, by use of grey zone activities in the political, military and economic domains, and do so in a collusive manner,” he added.
The Army chief said the developments in 2020 — the People’s Liberation Army made multiple intrusions into eastern Ladakh in May that year — were testimony to the diversity of security threats being faced in all domains by India.
Noting that the ceasefire on the Line of Control with Pakistan continues to hold because India had negotiated from a position of strength, Gen Naravane said the developments on the northern borders with China have underscored the requirement of “ready and capable forces”, with an optimal component of “boots on ground” backed by modern technology, to preserve the country’s sovereignty and integrity.
Trailers of future conflicts are being enacted on the information battlefield, in the networks and cyberspace, on a daily basis. “They are also being played along our yet unsettled and active borders,” he said.
“If you look around, you will realise that the ‘sci-fi’ of yesterday is the ‘reality’ of today. We too have to leap-frog to the future, skipping many stages, to an entirely new configuration,” he added.
IAF chief Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari and Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, speaking at the seminar, also called for a “whole of nation approach” in developing multi-domain military capabilities to prepare for wars of the future in a synergised manner.
“The traditional domains of land, sea and air have further expanded to include cyber and space domains which will be the battlegrounds of the future. China’s doctrine of “Winning Informatized Local Wars” enshrines the centrality of information as an instrument of prosecuting and winning contemporary wars,” ACM Chaudhari said.
Admiral Kumar said future wars were bound to be technology-intensive. “Therefore, there is a requirement to innovate and evolve mechanisms that foster development and incorporation of niche technologies at a rapid pace. Anyone who lags behind in this aspect, may face difficulties,” he said.

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