March 25, 2023

How to resize images on your Windows PC or laptop without using any third-party app

How to resize images on your Windows PC or laptop without using any third-party app

Resizing images can be a tedious task especially when you do not have any prior experience of image editing software. Whether it is the header of a website or cover image of your Facebook profile, it is advisable to use resized images with the right dimensions to avoid jagged image cropping. Most of the websites related to educational institutions, government services, job searches and many others also need images of a certain dimension. Therefore people have to struggle to resize the dimensions of their images in order accordingly.

There are many ways to resize an image on your PCs. You can do it using image editing softwares such as Photoshop, Skylum Luminar and many more. You can even resize an image using numeros online tools and Chrome extensions but there’s also a way to adjust the dimensions of an image without using any website and third-party apps. The native Windows image viewer app in Windows, Photos, also allows you to resize images. If you want to know how to resize an image using the Photos app on Windows, you can follow these steps.


Open the image that you want to resize through the native Photos app.


Click on the three-dot icon in the menu bar at the top of the image.


Now you will be able to see various default size options. If it suits your requirement you can choose one and if it doesn’t, click on the ‘Define custom dimensions’ button.


Now enter the dimensions you want for your image. You can also select the Maintain aspect ratio option to make sure your image isn’t unproportionate.


Once you are done, click on Save resized copy option.


Select the folder where you want to save the resized image using File Explorer and click on save.


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