April 1, 2023

How to hide name on WhatsApp from random users

How to hide name on WhatsApp from random users

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out several new features to improve the app’s experience for users. Some of these features include ability to listen to voice messages before sending, automatically hide last seen status, multi-device support and more.

In addition to this, WhatsApp also offers several hidden features that many people don’t know about or don’t use them often. One of these features is the ability to hide your name from certain users.

It is important to note that WhatsApp officially does not allow users to keep the name blank. However, there’s a small and simple walkaround, that allows users to keep the name blank. This will help users to hide their name and keep identity private from unknown people.

Here is our our step-by-step guide for the same:

How to get going
For Android:


Open WhatsApp and head to Settings by tapping on three dots from the top right corner


Copy these two symbols (⇨ ຸ)


Tap on the ‘pencil’ icon in front of your name and paste these two symbols there in place of your current name


After this, remove the ‘arrow’ (⇨) and tap on Ok button to change your name


Once done, your name will go blank on WhatsApp

Do note that if someone has already saved your phone number with your name, they will still see your name in the chat. This trick only works for unknown people.

Now, if you are not that keen about making your name completely black on WhatsApp, you can easily get away with just adding any special characters like dot (.), comma (,), etc in the name field. Users will then only see a dot (.) in place of your name.


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