March 25, 2023

homepod: Here’s how you can use Apple HomePod mini with a TV

Heres how you can use Apple HomePod mini with a TV

Apple’s lone offering in the smart speaker market these days is the HomePod mini. Priced at Rs 9,999, the HomePod mini is a Siri-based smart speaker that can do almost everything you expect, including connecting it wirelessly to your TV. However, you will need more than just the HomePod mini to do this. Here we tell you how to go about using the Apple smart speaker with your TV.

You need more than a HomePod

Apple is rather notorious for keeping its ecosystem as closed as possible. However, in the last few years, it has opened it up slightly. But the HomePod is still a rather ‘closed’ device. For instance, you cannot simply use it with any Android phone or a Windows device.

Earlier, it was limited to Apple Music as the only streaming service. However, now you can use the HomePod mini with popular streaming services like Gaana as well.

Having said that, when it comes to TVs, the HomePod is still a very restrictive device. Here’s what you will need to use HomePod as a speaker for your TV.

You will need a HomePod mini — or even the regular HomePod (if you bought it before Apple discontinued it). You will need the HomePod set up with a compatible iPhone or an iPad. That’s not all. You will need a compatible Apple TV (fourth generation or the latest Apple TV 4K). Apple TV is the steaming box from Apple and starts at Rs 18,990. Do keep in mind that Apple TV is the only way you can use HomePod mini as a speaker. If you have a Fire TV stick or other streaming device or even want to use HomePod as a Bluetooth speaker with a TV, you cannot do it. So if you have an Apple TV, here are the steps to follow.

How to connect your HomePod as a speaker with a TV

Go to Settings on your Apple TV

Here you will see the Video and Audio Output option

Choose the Audio Output option

Here you will see a compatible HomePod, click on it

That’s it, you can now use HomePod or HomePod mini as a default speaker for your TV. That is as long as you have an Apple TV as well.


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