March 30, 2023

High Cholesterol signs: These signs in eyes can tell if you have hypercholesterolaemia | The Times of India

As per reports, due to high cholesterol certain changes are visible in the eyes. Though these symptoms are not specific to high cholesterol but these can guide one to visit a doctor and take timely medical assistance.

Xanthelasmas are the whitish or yellowish plaques that occur on the outer surface of the upper eyelid. Though this condition is also linked with other medical conditions, its association with hyperlipidemia is also commonly suggested. These are usually soft and semi solid.

Corneal Arcus is also another indicator of high cholesterol. This is a pale white ring around the iris of one’s eye. Iris is the colored part of the eye. “If you’re under 50 years old and have corneal arcus, it’s a strong sign that you have familial hypercholesterolaemia,” experts say.

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