March 21, 2023

Have issues filing returns? I-T dept’s there to help you – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A few days ago, when some social media users complained of problems in filing returns due to “disk error”, the tax department moved quickly and approached them. With the problem persisting, it got its team to hold a video call with some of the taxpayers to resolve the issue. This was not the first time that such a strategy has been used – it is being done regularly.

“We get around 9,000 calls daily on our call centre on various issues. We are also using social media to reach out to those who do not call us,” explained an officer.
With Infosys plugging several gaps that were noticed when the new portal was rolled out earlier this year, the department is making every possible effort to ensure a glitch-free filing experience.
It has beefed up its war room, which is set to be a 24×7 effort, with 75-100 members – from the tax departments and teams representing hardware and application vendors – available to resolve issues at the earliest. The number this year is significantly more than the 30-35 people who are on the job usually, said a senior officer.
With the filing deadline approaching soon, the systems wing of the department is also closely coordinating with other partners such as UIDAI, GSTN, NSDL and banks to ensure that there is no downtime and the filing process is smooth.
While officials said there is no plan to extend the deadline beyond December 31, the department is seeking to answer several of the FAQs over the next few days through video modules. “People have queries and this year, due to Annual Information System, more data is available to them. We will help with the whole filing process,” explained an official, adding that the idea is to get taxpayers to file their returns well in time to beat the rush seen during the last few days.
Often, taxpayers approach the call centre to get their password or the return form they should use on the last day. “If you do it so late, we may have capacity issues in resolving it quickly. So, it’s best to do all that now and file at the earliest,” the officer said. While around six lakh returns are being filed everyday, the number is set to jump manifold in the next few days.

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