March 22, 2023

Happy Birthday, A.R. Rahman! Interesting, lesser-known facts about the maestro | The Times of India

By his own admission, A.R. Rahman loves spending time watching the television and so much so that he has missed his deadlines as a composer on a few occasions! Director Ram Gopal Varma, with whom A.R.R collaborated on the iconic ‘Rangeela’, narrates a rather funny instance to enunciate Rahman’s quirky style of working. Varma was very keen on including a special track in the film which, eventually, turned out to be Hai Rama and in the pursuit of working on it together, he decided on taking a trip to Goa with the composer. Ram Gopal Varma stayed in an adjacent room, assured of usual magic that A.R. Rahman would weave but the wait for the tune only grew longer. A couple of days would go by but there was still no sign a tune and by the end of it, A.R. Rahman had to leave Goa and head back for other commitments. He would then request Ram Gopal Varma, on a parting note, to never book a room with a television set because he had spent all the time watching TV and could get almost no work done! Ram Gopal Varma, in the same interview, reveals that he “wanted to punch Rahman in the face” (albeit in total jest).

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