March 24, 2023

google: Google doodle sends out wishes on New Year’s Eve – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Google, on the occasion of New Year’s Eve on Friday, has created a colourful doodle. The piece has balloons and party decorations and the year 2021 written on it.
On clicking on the doodle, users are taken to search result ‘New Year’s Eve 2021’ and are welcomed with a burst of confetti on the page.


Besides, towards the right of the search page, there is a ready-to-pop animated confetti cone. On clicking on the cone, it will again lead to a confetti burst with a sound.


Like all of us, Google, which in the doodle has its ‘G’ wearing a party cap, seems to be all set to bit 2021 a goodbye. The Google doodle page reads: That’s a wrap for 2021—Happy New Year’s Eve!
Google’s coming up with colourful doodle arts on New Year‘s Eve, however, is not new.

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