April 1, 2023

Friend of other sex isn’t for satisfying lust: Pocso court | India News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Convicting and sentencing a now 20-year-old to 10 years in jail for raping his 13-year-old friend and distant relative who lived in his neighbourhood, a special Pocso court said that having a friend of the opposite sex does not mean that she is available for satisfying his sexual desire. The court said through the crime, the accused had caused devastation in the girl’s life and also dented his life at such an early stage.
“The sentence of the accused will send a message to youth of today, who are in the age group of (the) accused, that uncontrollable desire for satisfaction of lust can spoil their future, career and golden period of progress,” special judge Priti Kumar Ghule said.
The court said the foundation of future progress lies in early days of youth, irrespective of gender. “In (the) present case, future of the accused as well as the survivor has come in the shadow of darkness due to the offence committed by accused,” the judge said.
The court, however, said it was not necessary to give him maximum punishment as the accused will not repeat the offence and has understood the consequences of his act. It also said the girl was entitled for compensation under schemes with District Legal Services Authority. “It is seen that due to this act there is hurdle for marriage of survivor in future. Her engagement is already broken,” the court said.

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