December 8, 2022

Exclusive – Mithun Chakraborty: My hotel business was badly affected during the lockdown; there were days when we couldn’t even sell a cup of coffee | The Times of India

I won’t take the name of the show, as I am no longer part of it. But if you rewind and recall. The first thing I mentioned to the makers of the show and put a condition rather that I won’t allow any unnecessary sobbing stories or emotional card to increase the TRP of the show. I had made it very clear to the makers and told them only if this condition is kept in mind I’ll do the show. I told them, “agar contestant ko rulaoge zabardasti TRP laane ke liye main Haan nahi bolungi..” I also told them that you can’t condemn the contestants who come to participate on the show with hopes. They are watched by their families, relatives, friends, communities how will they face them after we humiliate them on our show. I won’t allow such a thing for the sake of TRP. Here on Hunarbaaz also we are following the same thing, we are not getting carried away by emotions. There will be a backstory of the contestants but it won’t become the criteria of their selection on the show. We won’t do it out of feeling pity for anyone. I always tell people that tears will never get you anything. It is your talent and hard work that will get you good, shelter, job and everything. (Photo: Instagram)

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