January 28, 2023

Exclusive – Ankita Lokhande on her wedding with Vicky Jain: I just love this phase of being married; wearing sindoor, mangalsutra and flaunting it – Times of India

Ankita Lokhande, who tied the knot to boyfriend Vicky Jain in a three-day lavish affair last December, is enjoying every bit of her married life. The actress in an exclusive chat with ETimes TV shared that she’s enjoying this new phase in her life and reveals that her husband often keeps telling her that she got married to be like the nayi naveli dulhan. She further spoke about how her wedding was an event for them and they were dancing non-stop for four days. Ankita also opened up about life after marriage and if she will have any reservations now about doing bold roles or scenes.

“I just love this phase of being married. Wearing sindoor, mangalsutra and flaunting it, I just love it. I totally love it and in fact, Vicky keeps telling me that I got married to be like the nayi Naveli Dulhan (newlywed). This is what I wanted and I think I have that Archana in me. I am really enjoying it and it is a new feeling totally different to be someone’s wife and staying with your husband. But we are more like friends Vicky and I. It’s a mix of everything now for us. It’s a good feeling and I think we are perfect for each other and the respect for each other has grown. I am very happy,” said the actress.

Talking about the three-day long grand wedding and lively affair, Ankita revealed, “I had a plaster on my leg and I don’t know what had happened to me. I was just happy and I didn’t want to miss any moment of our wedding. Believe me Vicky and I were just dancing non-stop for four days. I don’t remember a single moment where we sat down with each other and had a simple conversation, we were just busy dancing. It was a big event for us and we really enjoyed each and every moment.”

When asked if she will now have reservations about doing bold scenes and roles, Ankita said, “If you see my career closely, I’ve never done any such roles which require skin show or anything. That is me who I am and it has always been my choice. I feel I can’t do such scenes. But of course after marriage I don’t feel just me, I feel even Vicky has a few reservations there are things which even he can’t do now. I always see it like this that if he’s doing something for me, I also need to take care of his emotions and I respect that. I don’t think there can be any problem between us because of bold projects. At the end of the day, I personally have been a person who has never liked doing such roles. And it’s not like he has problems. I want to be clear that if an offer or something bold comes up he will look at it with an open mind. I am saying this from my side that I don’t want to do it or hurt him. Theek hai yaar nahi kiya toh nahi kiya ye ek scene. I understand that feeling. I totally understand. He has never stopped me and he feels if something like that comes up you should definitely go for it. But deep down I am not comfortable with such roles.”

Ankita, who played the role of Archana for 7 years, doesn’t fear getting typecast. She shares how she played a grandmother and sported gray hair in her debut show Pavitra Rishta,”I’ve never had any fear of getting typecast. I played an old lady in Pavitra Rishta, a grandmother. I would wear a wig and sport gray hair on-screen. I did that also very gracefully and I feel if you are an actor you should be open to do everything and not have any fear. Yes, I understand we actors get typecast very easily. But I have never had this fear of getting typecast,” she concluded.

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