March 21, 2023

Evil Couples of All Time

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Suzan and Michael Carson were convicted for three murders in Northern California. Although, they have been suspected for almost a dozen murders in the U.S. and Europe The couple also featured in the Discovery Channel’s Wicked Attraction.


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Sarah Bullock and Darren Stewart tortured their victim with cigarettes buds. They also beat him and tied him with dog lead. Sarah stamped on her victim’s fingers, while he was holding himself on the railing. She laughed and let him die. 

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Richard Loeb & Nathan Leopold were also known as Leopold and Loeb. In their teens, they kidnapped a boy and murdered him to prove a perfect crime. They used their skills to extort money from rich businessmen. (Getty Images)

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Evil Couples of All Time

Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck have killed more twenty women within two years. Raymond use to dine and wine with women, and later he would steal their money and possessions. Both were executed by electric chair. (Getty Images)

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Evil Couples of All Time

Ray Copeland was a known fraud in his locality. He also use to kill his victims by .22 Marlin and bury the bodies in his farm. Ray’s wife Fay was convicted for four murders and one count for manslaughter. 

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Evil Couples of All Time

Paul Bernardo was a serial killer and rapist in Canada. Karla Homolka helped Paul to rape her own sister Tammy. Karla sexually abused her victims along with Paul. They also you used to record their victims suffering in video tapes. 

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Evil Couples of All Time

Michelle Michaud and James Daveggio were arrested for raping and murdering their victims. They have been given death penalty for their horrible actions. 

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Evil Couples of All Time

Mary Creighton and Everett Applegate were convicted of several murders. Apparently, Mary had poisoned her own brother and mother-in-law. Everett and Mary molested their own children—Ruth and Agnes. 

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Evil Couples of All Time

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are also known as the ‘Moor Murderers’. They both had a bad childhood, which lead them to commit some ghastly crimes in their adulthood. Their softest target were young children, whom they sexually molested, tortured and killed. (Getty Images)

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Evil Couples of All Time

The couple claims to have killed more than 108 civilians in Florida. Henry and Ottis were romantically involved. In 1983, things got better as they were put behind the bars; they died in the prison. 

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