March 24, 2023

Don’t wear hijab on school campus; I never wore: Khushbu | Chennai News – Times of India

CHENNAI: Amidst the ongoing hijab controversy which has triggered protests in Karnataka among college students, actress-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar of the Tamil Nadu BJP unit said Muslim girls should not wear hijabs on the school campuses.
Addressing reporters in Chennai on Friday, Khushbu said wearing a hijab was the personal choice of a Muslim woman but they should not wear it on the school campus. “You can wear it up to the school gate but not on the campus. We must not take religion and caste into schools,” she said, attacking the opposition parties for triggering caste and religious tensions among students.
Khushbu, who was born in a Muslim family, said she had never worn a hijab in school. “If wearing a hijab in school is wrong, wearing saffron shawls is also wrong. The Hindu group students wore saffron shawls only after the Muslim women protested over wearing hijab on the campuses. If they had not done it, the Hindu group too wouldn’t have worn saffron shawls and protested,” she said.
When reporters asked if she would say the same to Sikhs who wear turbans, Khushbu said the issue was only between Hindus and Muslims and the Sikhs were not related to it.
Speaking about urban local body elections, she said the party would win several seats this time contesting alone. Khushbu campaigned in various wards in the city supporting the party candidates.

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