March 24, 2023

Coronavirus symptoms: Two most common symptoms of the new Stealth Omicron variant and other signs | The Times of India

Based on the months-long findings, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently suggested that Omicron mainly affects the upper respiratory tract instead of the lungs, unlike some prior versions of the virus. The same is with the Stealth Omicron variant, but still, a lot more research is needed as the variant is quite new and not much is known about it. As far as the symptoms go, the only confirmation that has come to the fore is that the subvariant leads to two typical symptoms in the early stage- dizziness and fatigue. There are many reasons one may feel dizzy and tired in a day, but if the condition bothers you for a more days then you should immediately contact your doctor. These symptoms can appear within two-three days after getting infected with the virus and may linger in the body for longer.

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