March 25, 2023

Coronavirus Symptom in India: The leading COVID-19 symptom reported during Omicron wave; find out who was most affected

According to Balram Bhargava, Director general of the ICMR, as compared to the second wave, the third COVID wave, dominated by the Omicron variant, affected a greater population of younger people.

After analyzing data of 1,520 (564 fully jabbed and 956 unvaccinated/partially vaccinated) COVID patients admitted to 37 medical facilities between November 15, 2021, and January 17, 2022, ICMR researchers found that the average age of those hospitalized was 44 years as compared to 55 years during the second wave.

In addition, ICMR chief says, “About 46% had comorbidities, these are the people who are younger…but nearly half of them had some co-morbidities and their symptoms were much less.”

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