March 22, 2023

Coronavirus Home Test Kit: How to use a COVID-19 home testing kit and factors that can give you a false negative/positive

The Indian Council of Medical Research has currently advised symptomatic individuals (who have been in close contact with COVID positive people) to use home testing by Rapid Antigen Test.

To use a self-test COVID kit, follow the below mentioned steps.

– Find a clean, sanitised surface to place your test kits.

– Wash your hands with soap and wipe it dry.

– Do not forget to download the app mentioned in the testing kit and fill in your credentials. Make sure you complete this step so no positive cases are missed.

– Tear the COVID testing pouch and lay it down on the clean surface. Ensure that you take the test within 30 minutes after opening.

– Gently tab the pre-filled extraction tube on the table for the liquid to settle.

– Unscrew the cap and hold it in your hand.

– While holding the tube in one hand, open the sterile nasal safe swab and do not touch the swab end.

– Slowly insert the nasal safe swap in both your nostrils one after the other up to 2-4 cms. Roll the swab five times in each nostril.

– Immerse the swab in the pre-filled extraction tube and break it where needed. Lastly, cover the tube with the nozzle cap.

Please see that any result that appears post 20 minutes will be considered invalid.

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