March 22, 2023

Coronavirus: Are you an asymptomatic COVID carrier? How serious can it be? | The Times of India

Since these asymptomatic carriers transmit the virus as actively as other infected people, not putting a check on them would create a havoc on the hospitals and other medical care facilities in the country. Director of Maulana Azad Medical College, Doctor Naresh Gupta on December 30 warned that the Omicron variant is going to spread like a fire once it gets into the community. “Reportedly, 70 per cent Omicron patients are asymptomatic, and with the variant’s high transmissibility, it’s going to spread like fire once it gets into the community because you won’t know if the next person is infected,” he added.

In the United States, as the cases of Omicron are rising, top federal health officials are looking to add a negative test along with five day restrictions for asymptomatic patients, the White House’s top medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, said Sunday. He said the US has been seeing close to 400,000 cases per day with a vertical increase in hospitalisation cases.

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