March 25, 2023

bommai: Amid buzz of change at helm, Bommai says no post permanent | India News – Times of India

HAVERI: Amid rumours of leadership change, Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai on Sunday became emotional at a public event in his hometown of Shiggaon in Haveri district and said that no post or position is permanent in life.
Speaking at the inaugural of a community hall and the unveiling of Rani Chennamma statue, he said, “Nothing is permanent in life. This life itself is not forever. I became Karnataka CM with the blessings of Shiggaon people. We don’t know how long we will be here in such a situation – these posts and positions are not forever. I’m aware of this fact every moment.”
Just before the CM’s statement, industries minister Murugesh Nirani created ripples saying Bommai will become a Union minister like his father (SR Bommai). However, minister said that Bommai will lead the BJP in the 2023 assembly elections.

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