March 24, 2023

Bigg Boss 15 Grand Finale: Emotional embraces remembering Sidharth Shukla, complimenting each other and grooving along; unmissable moments of Shehnaaz Gill with Salman Khan – Times of India

Bigg Boss 15 grand finale’s most heartwarming moments were witnessed when Shehnaaz Gill graced the stage and met Salman Khan. Their reunion after BB13 left everyone in a frenzy and what came next was extremely emotional as well as one of the most adorable sights to witness for fans on the finale stage.

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Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaaz Gill walked on the stage to meet and greet Salman Khan with a cute hug. From teasing him, shaking a leg with him to sharing a few unmissable touching moments, a lot was witnessed as a part of her special appearance on the grand finale.

Shehnaaz entered the grand finale while grooving to one of her favourite Punjabi numbers ‘Hauli Hauli’, which she had danced to ample times during her season. Salman greeted her with a lovely compliment which made Shehnaaz teary-eyed. And being as frank as she has ever been, the actress shared that meeting the host has made her a little emotional.

Soon after, Shehnaaz and Salman shared some of the cutest moments while the former pulled the latter’s leg. She made a statement about Katrina Kaif becoming a ‘Punjab Ki Katrina’ post her wedding with Vicky Kaushal. Along with this, she teased Salman saying that she just wants him to stay happy. And what happened next was something that puzzled the Salman Khan fans. Going ahead in the conversation, Shehnaaz said that Salman is better off ‘single’ rather than ‘committed’. Surprisingly, his reaction indirectly indicated that he is in a relationship. Shehnaaz was quick to question, “Accha committed ho?”

Further, Shehnaaz shook a leg to her popular ‘Sadda Kutta’ rap mix created by social media creator Yashraj Mukhate with Salman. Rakhi Sawant and Nishant Bhat joined her on the stage and danced to another recent hit of Shehnaaz-Yashraj ‘Such a boring day’.

Shehnaaz’s presence on the Bigg Boss stage was enough to grab everyone’s attention. But the emotional moments and hearty embraces she shared with Salman have moved fans. Loving addressed together as ‘SidNaaz’, both the celebrities got emotional remembering the late Sidharth Shukla. As they got teary-eyed, Salman helped Shehnaaz to gather courage and go ahead in life. Their emotional hugs on the stage made became an ‘awe’ moment for all the fans.

Lending support to Shehnaaz, Salman stated how hard the past few months have been for the actress. He asked her to concentrate on herself and move on, because it is important for her. The host further shared that she and Sidharth Shukla’s mother have been through an extremely difficult period in the last few months. Salman also revealed that he is in touch with the late actor’s mother ever since his shocking demise. “Kaam karo life enjoy karo,” he advised Shehnaaz.

Another emotional moment followed as Shehnaaz talked about her performance for Sidharth. “There have been many winners of Bigg Boss and many are yet to come but the ‘king’ was only one and that was Sidharth Shukla,” she said. Tears welled up in her eyes, as Shehnaaz added that she will always represent Sidharth, in the times to come. Salman acknowledged that saying, “Aapka haq banta hai”.

Shehnaaz’s awaited tribute to Sidharth Shukla played next wherein the actress was seen dancing to her song ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ and a few other romantic tracks. Their memorable moments from the Bigg Boss house played on the screen as she grooved to the music. It stirred up the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss 15 finale.

Further, Shehnaaz and Salman shared a few other cheerful moments as they talked about ‘moti ladki’ and ‘patli ladki’. The actress spoke about her weight loss transformation and stated that she was called cute when she was plump but her transformation has made her ‘hot’ too. “Moti ladkiyon ko heroine nahi banata hai koi,” she said. Shehnaaz further displayed her new found side and talked about how a person should be ‘soul conscious’ instead of being ‘body conscious’.

After she was done with her spiritual talk, Salman complimented her personality once again and said “Shehnaaz Gill, Shehnaaz Gill hi rahegi”.

As Shehnaaz bid everyone an adieu saying ‘May the best person win’, Salman expressed that he is delighted to meet her.

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