March 24, 2023
Ticker Finology

Best Stock Screener, Stock Research And Market Analysis Platform Ticker By Finology

The Modern Stock Screener that helps you pick better stocks

stock screening

As the name itself suggests, a screener is basically a tool that is used to ‘screen’ the better stocks out of the lot (exactly what Ticker does). A screener is used for performing stock screening, analysis, and equi

ty research to filter out the better stocks for investment out of the thousands of stocks available at the exchanges. 

You may know that more than 6000 companies are listed in India (including Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange), so; it is really difficult to choose amongst so many choices available. Hence, a screener (in this case – Ticker) helps in analyzing the companies and choosing the preferred ones.

So, basically, a screener is a stock market research tool that helps you in selecting or rather screening the stocks that you wish to invest in How this happens is, you get all the basic information related to the company’s financial status on the equity research platform and based on that information you could judge the company’s potential to grow and then invest using your judgment.

Why Ticker By Finology

Any stock screening tool would provide basic data like Sensex share price or overall Sensex today information but that is just not enough for proper stock research. This is where our smart and easy-to-use screen is called Ticker. 

To perform smarter, advanced stock research and to perform more effective stock analysis, you should use our screener i.e. Ticker. Because, Ticker is wholesome equity research and screening platform and, rather a stock market

a research tool that makes stock research not only simpler but better as well. 

The ticker is a revolutionary equity research tool that provides you with 3-Way Assistance for Intelligent Stock Picking,

1. Stock Analysis

Analyzing stocks is a serious affair and with Ticker, you get a one-stop destination for cutting-

edge stock research. Our stock analysis platform provides a sophisticated yet simple interface

that you would be impressed with while carrying out your stock analysis.

  • Comprehensive Data and Research
  • Flexible and Chêtomizable to Suit Your Needs
  • Simple Interface That’s Very Easy to Use

2. Peer Comparison

Compare the companies operating in the same industry and choose the best amongst the lot

with Peer Comparison. A detailed comparison of similar companies will help you make a

better decision. Ticker gives you an edge when it comes to peer comparison.

  • Intricately Detailed Data
  • Compare Three Companies at a Time
  • Industry-Wise Suggested Parameters

3. Bundles

These are baskets of stocks shortlisted using proven investment strategies. These assortments

of companies are based on predefined criteria that help you choose stocks based on your

own investment strategy.

  • Options to Suit Different Investing Styles
  • Daily Updates Based on Market Behavior
  • Robust Parameters Crafted by Experts

How TickerPlus smart screener can assist you in screening better stocks?

As an investor, you can rest assured that you will be in a better position to invest with TickerPlus. This is because Ticker is an advanced screener and there are many advantages of using it as we have already mentioned. But, this is
where our exclusive and premium services come in with TickerPlus to take the game-changing approach to the next level. TickerPlus as is clear from the name is the advanced and premium version of Ticker that comes with
outstanding and exclusive features. Such as premium bundles, smart watch list, exclusive ratios, and many more features are packaged in TickerPlus and come at a minimal cost!

The ticker is the best stock screening, equity research, and company analysis tool built by investors at Finology. It is quite user-friendly and very easy to use. While on the other hand, the advanced features make Ticker a better stock screener compared to the other stock analyzers out there. To enhance the stock analysis experience of retail investors Their research team used most of the market analysis tools, stock valuation tools, and stock market research tools themselves to figure out what are the problems actually faced by investors. The additional features such as special ratios & premium bundles make Ticker the best stock screener as compared to any other stock analysis tool already present out there.

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