March 24, 2023

Best IAS Test Books For Preparation in 2020:

All the candidates WHO aim to become AN IAS officer can need to clear the choice section of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). One can seem for the Preliminary Written test, Mains Written test, and every one the candidates WHO would clear this; they’re going to proceed for the non-public Interview.

For the preparation of the written Examination (Preliminary and Mains), you wish higher study material. Here i’m sharing with you the name of some best IAS Books that area unit on the market within the market yet as on-line. Preparation for any competitive or teachers examination may be done through the books. you wish to own the simplest study material. There area unit several subjects that one needs to brace oneself for the IAS Examination. Here i’ll strive my best to share with you the list of the simplest book for the IAS test for the preparation.
Subjects Wise Best book Name for IAS test preparation:
For the IAS test and Mains test. you may got to prepare several subjects. you may need to prepare:

Ancient History
Medieval History
Modern History and Indian National Movement
Indian Economy
Indian Polity
Environment and Ecology
Science and Technology
Current Affairs etc.
Let’s see the name of the simplest books for the preparation of those subjects.

Best Book for IAS Ancient History:

Ancient History NCERT category eleventh by R.S. Sharma
India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
Best Book for IAS Medieval History:
History of Medieval Republic of India by Satish Chandra-
Medieval History NCERT category XI-XII-
Most of the candidates pay little or no attention to those subjects. this can be a necessary topic for the IAS Preliminary and Mains test. you’ll be able to have your complete preparation in serious trouble Medieval History through these books.

Best Book for IAS Moder History and Indian National Movement:

India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra
NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)
History of contemporary Republic of India – Bipan Chandra
A brief history of contemporary Republic of India – Spectrum

Best book for IAS Geography:

Certificate Physical and Human geographics – G C Leong
Fundamentals of physiography NCERT category eleven
Geography of Republic of India by Mazid Hussain
Oxford Student Atlas
Concise geographics by ALS
Best Book for IAS Indian Economy:
Indian Economic Development NCERT
Introduction to political economy NCERT
Introduction to economic science NCERT
Economic survey
Indian Budget
India yearbook
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
Niti Aayog Reports


Best book for IAS Indian Polity:


Constitution of Republic of India vacant Act
Constitution of Republic of India by Doctor of Divinity Basu
Indian polity by Laxmikant
Indian Constitution by P.M. Bakshi


Best book for IAS surroundings and Ecology:


Environmental Studies Books of IGNOU and NOS
Environment Book by DS Khullar
Environment Book – sitar player IAS Academy
Best book for IAS Science and Technology:
Science and technology by Ashok Singh
Science and Technology by Ravi Agrahari
Newspaper columns dedicated to technology
Best Book for IAS Current Affairs:
Newspapers -The Hindu, Indian categorical
Press data Bureau (PIB) web site
Monthly magazine
Yojana and Kurukshetra monthly magazines
These area unit the simplest book for IAS test 2020 for the preparation. The program of the UPSC Examination is immense exhausting to hide entirely at intervals time. you want to begin your program with the best ones like Current affairs, and once you accustomed with the books and newspaper, then move to histories like Ancient History, Medieval History, and fashionable History, etc.

Best Book for IAS Mains Examination:

Here is that the list of some books that area unit instructed by the specialists for the preparation of the UPSC CSE Mains Examination.
Name of the Books Name of Author
Selected modern Essays Saumitra Mohan
Essays for Civil Services Pulkit Khare
India when Gandhi Ramchandra Guha
Norman Lowe OR History of
contemporary World Jain and Mathur
Social downside In India Ram Ahuja

IAS Mains General Studies Paper 2 Arihant Manual

Current problems – What’s Hot Today Clear IAS ebook
Governance in Republic of India for CSE (Governance – GS2)
Pax Indica Shashi Tharoor
India and therefore the World Surendra Kumar.
IAS Mains General Studies – GS3 Arihant Manual
IAS Mains General Studies – Ethics Arihant Manual
Challenges to Internal Security of India Internal Security

These books will provide you with higher brace oneself for the examination however it’s all up to you that however well you brace oneself for the examination.

Most of the candidates be part of the work Institutes to start out the preparation. you’ll be able to have your complete preparation done reception. you simply want a correct plan concerning the program and its preparation. There area unit several on-line sources wherever you’ll be able to get the entire plan concerning the way to prepare etc. Have the simplest study materials and prepare consequently. Prepare a higher schedule and study for a minimum of eight to ten hours on a daily basis. there’s no thanks to become AN IAS officer while not toil. Prepare every subject and create correct short notes whereas learning in order that you’ll be able to revise your program. the choice entirely depends on your toil, and there’s no substitute for toil.

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