December 9, 2022

Army vice-chief warns Pakistan over terror use | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Countries with ‘regressive thinking’ like Pakistan, which use terrorism as a political tool, need to understand that terrorism is an equally big threat for them, said Army vice-chief Lt General C P Mohanty on Thursday.
“While terrorism in all its dimensions must be condemned equally, there is nothing as despicable as state-sponsored terror. We are taking necessary steps to address the elaborate nexus — the sources of radicalisation, those that propound ideological hatred, the complex web of finance, the communication network as also sanctuaries,” he said. “When sources of terror receive state support, the consequences for the world are ominous. It is not entirely a coincidence, for example, that the world’s foremost terrorist, Osama bin Laden, found sanctuary with our western neighbour,” he added, addressing an international counter-terrorism conference organised by GCTC.
He dwelt extensively upon how terrorism was one of the most potent threats to global peace and security with advances in technology especially in the cyber domain, facilitating indoctrination and recruitment, real-time secure communications, and the flow of funds.
India has adopted a “multi-pronged approach” and treats terrorism as a phenomenon with political, economic, social and psychological dimensions, all of which need equal and simultaneous attention. “We have never made a distinction between a ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ terrorist; the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist,” he said. India has woven together a number of successful strategies to challenge the affliction of terrorism and extremism. These strategies extend across the domains of legislation, diplomacy, socio-economic initiatives, military, intelligence, technological, cultural and civil society initiatives.
“India’s approach to counter-terrorism has been multi-dimensional with kinetic actions being one of the subsets of the ‘whole of government’ approach,” he added.

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