March 24, 2023

Apple reportedly removes this Siri feature with iOS 15

Apple reportedly removes this Siri feature with iOS 15

With the launch of iPhone 13 series last year, Apple also started to roll out the IOS 15 operating system. First unveiled at WWDC in June, iOS 15 brings some notable features like redesigned Safari browser, SharePlay, Focus Mode, Live Text, Virtual Look up and many others. The update also brought in new security and privacy features. But as per a report by MacRumors, the new OS has also removed a feature from Apple voice assistant Siri. According to the report, Siri can no longer rate songs played on the Apple Music app in iOS 15 or later.

With iOS 8, Apple added the ability to rate songs in the Apple Music app. With the feature, users were able to rate a song out of five through the voice assistant while they are listening through earbuds or when the phone is connected to CarPlay. Although it may not look like a big feature, it was quite helpful for people who were able to create smart playlists on the app based on their ratings.

As per posts on Reddit and Apple Support Communities, when a user tries to rate a song on Apple Music, Siri responds “I’m Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” or some variation thereof. It is not yet known why the ability to rate songs was removed from the voice assistant.

Apart from this, the company added a huge upgrade to Siri with iOS 15. With the latest OS, Siri can handle some requests even without an active internet connection. With iOS 15.2, the tech giant also introduced a new Apple Music Voice Plan that exclusively relies on ‌Siri voice assistant for music playback and user interaction.


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