March 30, 2023

Anushka Shetty to Rakul Preet Singh, Tollywood actresses who opened up about the casting couch | The Times of India

Rakul Preet Singh, who was last seen playing a village belle in ‘Konda Polam,’ opened about casting couch in Telugu cinema. When asked about it, Rakul said that she has never faced any situation like that and knows many fellow actresses who have not faced the casting couch. She said, ‘’I personally have done so many films and I have never, ever come across a single person who has tried to act funny with me. Talent is what survives, and your hard work is going to get you places. I have always believed in that and I guess that’s why I don’t even attract people like that.”

Tollywood actor Konchada Srinivas passes away in Kasibugga due to ill health

Pic courtesy: Twitter

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